Extant Airframes & Preserved Wreckage

U. K.        
L1592 Mk. I KW-Z Science Museum, South Kensington  
L1592 Mk. I KW-Z Kent BOB Museum, Hawkinge (BAPC63), Replica
L1599 Mk. I   Thameside Aviation Museum Preserved wreck
L1679 Mk. I JX-G Tangmere Military Aviation Museum (BAPC241), Replica
L1710 Mk. IIc AL-D RAF, Biggin Hill (BAPC219), Replica
N2532 Mk. I GZ-H Kent BoB Museum, Hawkinge (BAPC???), Replica
P2617 Mk. I AF-A RAF Museum, Hendon (8373M)
P2793 Mk. I SD-M Eden Camp Theme Park, Malton (BAPC236), Replica
P2902 Mk. I DX-K R. A. Roberts, Billingshurst, Gloster Built, On Rebuild (G-ROBT)
P2921 Mk. I GZ-L Kent BoB Museum, Hawkinge (BAPC???), Replica
P3059 Mk. I SD-N Kent BOB Museum, Hawkinge (BAPC64), Replica
P3158 Mk. I   Thameside Aviation Museum Preserved Wreck - crash site recovery
P3175 Mk. I   RAF Museum, Hendon Wreckage only
P3179 Mk. I   Tangmere Aviation Museum.   This Hurricane was shot down during the Battle of Britain on 30 August 1940 and crashed in a street in Hove, Sussex. As essential services were severed at the time great importance was placed on repairing the road so a very perfunctory recovery of the body was made and sadly little of Dennis Noble's body was buried in the coffin. In a radio interview a relative said that the coffin was rumoured to be full of bricks to make up the weight. Local legend also had it that the majority of the body remained under the pavement. Perhaps this was one reason that the wreck had not been recovered earlier as it would cause much embarrassment and distress if further remains of an already buried airman were to be recovered. Eventually, however, one of the new enthusiasts gained permission from the local for the excavation and, amongst much publicity, attempted the excavation. A short while into the dig the pilotís parachute was unearthed followed by what the coroner described as Ďa substantial portion?of the body. An inquest concluded that the further remains were of those of Sergeant D. Noble His relatives are now demanding that his original grave be exhumed and its contents be examined. Wreckage only
P3208 Mk. I SD-T Kent BOB Museum, Hawkinge (BAPC63/L1592)
P3234 Mk. I   Thameside Aviation Museum Preserved Wreck - crash site recovery
P3386 Mk. IIc FT-A RAF, Bentley Priory (BAPC218), Replica
P3395 Mk. IV JX-B Birmingham Museum Of Science & Technology Really KX829
P3554 Mk. I   Air Defence Collection, Salisbury Composite
P3717 Mk. I   Hinckley, Leicestershire (DR348) Composite
P3873 Mk. I YO-H Yorkshire Air Museum, Elvington Replica
P3966 Mk. I   Thameside Aviation Museum Preserved Wreck - crash site recovery
R4115 Mk. I LE-X Imperial War Museum, Duxford Replica
V6685 Mk. I   Thameside Aviation Museum Preserved Wreck - crash site recovery
V6799 Mk. I SD-X Gloucestershire Aviation Collection Replica (BAPC72/V7767)
V6995 Mk. I   North East Aircraft Museum, Sunderland Preserved Wreck - crash site recovery
V7350 Mk. I   Brenzett Aviation Fuselage only
V7467 Mk. I LE-D RAF Coltishall, On Display (BAPC223), Replica
V7467 Mk. I   Wonderland Pleasure Park, Farnsfield Replica
V7767   SD-X JetAge Museum, Staverton (Used as a static replica in the Battle Of Britain film) (BAPC72), Replica See V6799
Z2315 Mk. IIb JU-E Imperial War Museum, Duxford Replica
Z2389 Mk. IIa   Brooklands Museum, Weybridge (Under Restoration).   Served in RAF sqdns: 249; 71, 247, 136, and 253. then it was crated and shipped to Russia in April 1942. There, while serving with the Red Air Force, the Hurricane was shot down over Siberia during a dogfight with two German Messerschmitt Me 109Fs and five Me110 aircraft. It crash landed on rocky ground in a remote area. Recovered 1996. Ex Russian A/F
Z5053 Mk. IIB GO-B Gloster Built (C/N 41H/G5/21232) registered on 23/08/1995 with C/N 41H/G3121232.   Cancelled by CAA on 02/08/2001.  Probably with R.A. Roberts, Billingshurst (G-BWHA)
Z5207 Mk. IIB   R. A. Roberts Audley End  (Gloster Built), (Airworthy) G-BYDL (Ex Soviet A/F)
Z5252 Mk. IIB GO-B As per Z5053 dual identity.  
Z7015 Sea IB 7-L Shuttleworth Collection, Duxford (Airworthy) C/N CCF/41H/4013 G-BKTH
Z7391 Mk. XII XR-T Fighter Collection, Duxford (C/N 72036) (Airworthy) G-HURI (Ex RCAF 5547)
AE977 Sea X LE-D Hawker Restorations, Milden (CCF/41H/8020) Sold to USA 25/09/2001(Cinema Air Organisation, Chino) (Airworthy) (G-TWTD) (Ex Russian A/F)
BE417 Mk. XII LK-A The Real Aeroplane Company, Breighton (C/N 52024) (Airworthy) G-HURR (Ex RCAF 5589)
BE421 Mk. IIc XP-G RAF Museum, Hendon (BAPC205), Replica
BH229 Mk. IIb   To New Zealand Corroded centre section only
BN230 Mk. IIc FT-A RAF, Manston Really LF751 (5466M)
BW853 Sea XIIA   Used to re-build BW881, (C/N R30019) (Canx 22/12/1995) G-BRKE
BW881 Sea XIIA   Alpine Deer Group, Wanaka, New Zealand (Awaiting Certification) (C/N CCF/R32007) (G-KAMM)
DR393 Mk. IIb   To New Zealand (See ZK-TPK) Corroded centre section only
KX829 Mk. IV   Manchester Museum of Science and Technology (See P3395)
KZ191 Mk. IV   Privately Owned, North Weald, Frame Only  
KZ321 Mk. IV JV-N Patina Ltd, Jersey (Awaiting Certification) G-HURY (Ex Yugoslav A/F and possibly KZ321, KZ321 was w/o 23/05/1943)
LF363 Mk. IIc US-C RAF, BOBMF Coningsby (Airworthy) Under restoration
LF738 Mk. IIc UH-A RAF, Aerospace Museum, Cosford 5405M
PZ865 Mk. IIc Q RAF, BOBMF Coningsby (Airworthy) G-AMAU
G-HUPW Mk. I   Minmere Farm Partnership, Sutton Courtenay (C/N G529301) Ex R4118 (From India)
VH-AFW   AF-W Sindlinger 5/8ths replica (C/N 26-10663) (Airworthy)  
LF658 Mk. IIc ZA-P Musee Royal de l'Armee, Brussells Really LF345
5301 CCF XII   Jack Arnold Museum, ON Components
5381 CCF XII   Jack Arnold Museum, ON Components
5389 CCF XII   Aerospace Museum Calgary, AB  
5418 CCF XII   Reynolds Aviation Museum, AB  
5447 CCF XII   Saskatchewan, Canada Harry Whereatt
5481 CCF XII   Sandown, Isle Of Wight RCAF
5584 CCF XII   National Aeronautical Collection, ON  
5666 CCF XII   Museum of Flight, BC Frame only
BW862 Mk. II   Museum of Flight, BC Frame only
BW874 Mk. II   Jack Arnold Museum, ON Components
C-GCWH CCF XII   Canadian Warplane Heritage,, ON Ex. 5377, CF-SMI, ‘5585’, G-AWLW, ‘P3985’, ‘P3069’
HC-452 Mk. I   Luonetjarvi Air Force Base, Tikkakoski, Finland ex N2394
L1685 Mk. I   Musee du Souvenir Militaire de Thierache' at Martigny (France).   Shot down in combat with Bf 110s of I./ZG2 over Brunehamel on 11th May 1940. Wreck recovered. Preserved components - mainly merlin II engine - crash site recovery
AB832 Mk. IIb   Air Force Museum, Palam, New Delhi  
Z3055 Mk. IIa   Malta, under rebuild, crashed 04/07/1941  
New Zealand        
?   "OK-1" Museum of Transport, Auckland Replica
ZK-TPK   TP-K Following the discovery of the aircraft in the Murmansk area, the remains of P3351/DR393 were shipped to Air NZ Engineering Services in Christchurch, New Zealand, in 1994. Here, staff set about reclaiming and refurbishing serviceable components. These were returned to Hawker Restorations in the UK, where the basic airframe was restored. Due to the complexity of the manufacturing processes originally employed by Hawkers, the UK seemed the logical place for this activity. Main wing outer panels were restored at Airframe Assemblies on the Isle of Wight. The aircraft was returned to Christchurch in late 1995, where restoration to an airworthy condition continued until first flight on the 12th January 2000.

The aircraft has been restored to configuration as a Mk IIA with eight 0.303 calibre machine guns, and is displayed in the colours of Number 73 Squadron, France, 1940. Registration letters assigned to the aircraft are ZK-TPK which is significant because 'TP' was the Squadron code, and 'K' was the identification letter for the aircraft when serving with that Squadron.   (Airworthy)

Marked as P3351
591 Mk. IIC RV-J Portuguese Air Force Museum  
S. Africa        
5285 Mk. IIC "AX-E" National Museum, Johannesburg

Airframe in reasonable condition, but not in correct colour scheme for SAAF.   However a group of enthusiasts are attempting to get the museum to repaint the a/c as one representative of SAAF service.   Many thanks to Ray Watts for the information (01/04).

Z3174 Mk. IIa   USAF Museum, Ex. RSS Aviation Texas, Cavanaugh Flight Museum Addison Texas. Static Restored
LF686 Mk. IIc   National Air & Space Museum, DC  
V6??? Mk. IIb   Finished in Squadron Leader Stanford Tuck's markings and RAF squadron code "DT-A" and serial V6???. Tuck became one of the leading British aces during the Battle of Britain while flying with the 257 Fighter squadron.  

This Hurricane is owned by RRS Aviation and is on loan to the Cavanaugh Flight Museum.

Built in Canada in 1942 at the Fort William plant of the Canadian Car Foundry Company in Ontario. It was assigned to Bagotville, Quebec where it flew patrol missions. The plane crashed in Lake St. Johns, Quebec on March 27, 1944.

Static Restored, Composite
N678DP Mk. XII US-X Museum Of Flying, Santa Monica (Airworthy) Marked as P2970 Ex RCAF 5481/G-ORGI
N68RW Mk. IIb   Lone Star Flight Museum Under restoration.
9539 Mk. IV   Muzej J.V., Beograd-Zemun  

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