United Kingdom Hurricane Repair Organisation

The construction of a new Hurricane was the first step in a many layered process, one of the most important of which was the repair of crashed and damaged machines. The organisation responsible for this work was the United Kingdom Hurricane Repair Organisation (UKHRO), based at Hawker's Langley Repair Department.

The normal protocol for repair work was as follows :-

1) The existence of a crashed or damaged Hurricane was made know to the nearest repair unit in the system.

2) If an inspection had not already been undertaken by the RAF, this was then conducted in an attempt to categorise the extent of the damage.

3) The aircraft would then (normally) be removed to the unit, while this was taking place the unit would notify Hawker Aircraft Limited (HAL), of the extent of damage. HAL would then supply any necessary drawings or instructions to facilitate the repair to return the aircraft to full serviceability. Several of the abbreviations in the main part of the aircraft histories refer to this process, e.g. R.A.A.A. - Repaired Aircraft Awaiting Action, and R.I.W. - Repaired In Works.

Approximately 4,500 aircraft were repaired and returned to flying status by this organisation. The responsible contractors or units were :-

Airtraining (Oxford) Limited
Airwork Limited, Renfrew
Austin Motor Company Limited
Crash Repair Unit (CRU) Number 1, Cowley
Cunliffe Owen Aircraft Limited
David Rosenfield Limited
De-Havilland, Hatfield, and Witney
Gloster Aircraft Company
Hawker Aircraft Limited
Heliwells Limited, Walsall
Number 13 Maintenance Unit (MU), Henlow
Morrison Engineering Limited
Reid & Sigrist
Rollason, Hanworth
Rolls-Royce Limited
Number 30 Maintenance Unit (MU), Sealand
Scottish Aviation Limited
Short Brothers Limited
Taylorcraft Limited, Rearsby
43 Group Salvage Unit

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