Hurricane Operators

Great Britain
Royal Air Force - Operational Units, (Fighter Squadrons)





587,595,598,601,605,607,610,615,631,639,650,667,679,680,681,691, and 695

Royal Air Force - Non Operational Units
1 AAS, 1(P)AFU, 1 FPP, 1 FT Flt., 1 FTS, 1 SLAIS, 1 TEU, 2 AAS, 2 ASP, 2 FPP, 2 SoTT, 3(P)AFU, 3 FPP, 3 TEU, 4(C)FPP, 4 FPP, 4 MU, 4 TEU, 5(P)AFU, 5 FPP, 5 FTS, 5 MU, 5 OTU, 5 SoTT, 6(P)AFU, 6 FPP, 6 MU, 6 OTU, 6 SoTT, 7(P)AFU, 7 OTU, 7 SoTT, 8 FPP, 8 FTS/SFTS, 8 MU, 9(P)AFU, 9 FTS/SFTS, 9 Group, 10 MU, 10 SoTT, 11(P)AFU, 11 Group Pool, 11 OTU, 11 SoTT, 12(P)AFU,12 Group Pool, 12 SoTT, 13 MU, 14(P)AFU, 14 FPP, 14 OTU, 15(P)AFU, 15 FPP, 15 MU, 17(P)AFU, 17 OTU, 18(P)AFU, 18 MU, 19(P)AFU, 19 MU, 19 OTU, 20(P)AFU, 20 MU, 21(P)AFU, 22 MU, 23 Training Group, 24 OTU, 25(P)AFU, 27 MU, 29 MU, 30 MU, 30 OTU, 36 MU, 41 OTU, 42 MU, 43 Maintenance Group Disposal Account, 44 MU, 47 MU, 48 MU, 50 MU, 51 MU, 51 OTU, 52 MU, 52 OTU, 54 MU, 54 OTU, 55 OCU, 55 OTU, 56 OTU, 58 MU, 59 OTU, 63 OTU, 64 MU, 71 OTU, 81 OTU, 82 OTU, 83 OTU, 84 GP CF, 103 MU, 138 OTSCU, 1321 (D)TF, 1401 Flt, 1402 Met Flt, 1413 Met, Flt, 1414 Met, Flt, 1415 Met Flt, 1423 FlT, 1432 Army CO-OP Flt, 1449 Flt, 1656 HCU, 1665 HCU, 1681 B(D)TF, 1682 B(D)TF, 1683 B(D)TF, 1684 B(D)TF, 1685 B(D)TF, 1686 B(D)TF, 1687 B(D)TF, 1688 B(D)TF, 1689 B(D)TF, 1690 B(D)TF, 1695 B(D)TF, 1696 B(D)TF, 1697 B(D)TF, ATP, AFDU, AFTU, AOS, ECFS, FLS, GATU, HQATA, HQFPP, HQTAF, IE&W School, IRSU, MSFU, RAF NI CF, RTP, SDF, SF Northolt, TRE, TSTU
Royal Navy, (Fleet Air Arm)
700, 702, 731, 748, 759, 760, 761, 762, 766, 768, 769, 774, 776, 778, 779, 781, 787, 788, 789, 791, 792, 794, 795, 800, 801, 802, 803, 804, 806, 813, 824, 825, 835, 877, 880, 882, 883, 885, 891, 895, and 897.
Army Air Corps
1623 AAC Flt
Other Operators
Australia Belgium Canada Eire Finland
France Germany Hungary Japan Norway
Persia Poland Portugal Roumania Russia
S. Africa Turkey Yugoslavia Italy  
A. & A. E. E. Aircraft and Armament Experimental Establishment
A. A. A. Anti Aircraft Armament
A. A. C. Army Air Corps
A. A. S. Air Armament School
A. A. S. F. Advanced Air Striking Force
A. D. L. S. Air Despatch Letter Service
A. F. D. U. Air Fighting Development Unit
A. M. D. P. Air Member for Development and Production
A. M. R. D. Air Ministry Research Directorate
A. O. P. Air Observation Post
A. O. S. Air Observers School
A. S. P. Air Stores Park
A. T. A. Air Transport Auxiliary
A. T. P. Advanced Training Pool
AW/CN Awaiting Collection
B.(D)T. F. Bomber Defence Training Flight
B. B. O. C. Brought Back On Charge
C. F. S. Central Flying School
C. R. O Civilian Repair Organisation
C. R. U. Civilian Repair Unit
DBR Damaged Beyond Repair
D. G. R. D. Director General Research and Development
D. T. D. Directorate of Technical Development
E. C. F. S. Empire Central Flying School
Flt. Flight
F. A. A. Fleet Air Arm
F. L. S. Fighter Leaders School
F. T. S. Flying Training School
F. P. P. Ferry Pilot Pool
G. A. R. Glavna Aeroplansva Radionica, (Main Aviation Workshop)
G. A. T. U Ground Attack Training Unit
G. D. A. Group Disposal Account
G. P. Group Pool
GP. C. F. Group Conversion Flight
G. S. U. Ground Support Unit
H. A. D. Home Aircraft Depot
H. A. L. Hawker Aircraft Limited
H. C. U. Heavy Conversion Unit
H. Q. A. T. A. Head Quarters Air Transport Auxiliary
H. Q. F. P. P. Head Quarters Ferry Pilots Pool
H. Q. T. A. F. Head Quarters Tactical Air Force
I. A. P. Izvidacki Avijacijcki Puk, (Reconnaissance Aviation Regiment)
I. R. & S. U. Immediate Reserve & Support Unit
J. R. V. Jugoslovensko Ratno Vazdvhoplovstvo, (Yugoslavian Air Force)
LG. Landing Ground
M. S. F. U. Merchant Ship Fighter Unit
M. U. Maintenance Unit
NI. C. F. Night Conversion Flight
O. A. R. Obusna Aeroplansva Radionica, (District Aviation Workshop)
O. T. S. C. U. Officer Training School Conversion Unit
O. T. U. Operational Training Unit
(P)A. F. U. Pilot Advanced Flying Unit
R. A. A. A. Repaired Aircraft Awaiting Action
R. I. W. Repaired In Works
R. A. A. F. Royal Auxiliary Air Force/Royal Australian Air Force
R. A. E. Royal Aircraft Establishment
R. A. F. Royal Air Force
R. C. A. F. Royal Canadian Air Force
R. F. C. Royal Flying Corps
R. N. A. S. Royal Naval Air Service
R. O. S. Repaired On Site
R. & S. U. Repair and Salvage Unit
R. T. P. Recruit Training Pool
S. A. R. Sanostacna Aeroplansva Radionica, (Independent Aviation Workshop)
S. A. S. Service and Aircraft Section
S. L. A. I. S. Specialised Low Attack Instructor School
S. F. Station Flight
S. F. T. S. Service Flying Training School
S. O. C. Struck Off Charge
SoTT School of Technical Training
S. P. Skolski Puk, (Training Regiment)
Sq. Squadron
S. S. Salvage Section
T. E. U. Tropical Experimental Unit
T. F. H. Total Flying Hours
T. R. E. Telecomms Research Establishment
T. S. T. U. Transport Support Training Unit
V. O. S. Vazdvhoplovna Oficirsva Skola, (Aviation Officers School)
V. R. Vazovhoplovna Radionica, (Aviation Repair Workshop)
V. T. B. Vazdvhoplovna-Tehnicki Battalion, (Aviation Technical Battalion)
W. F. U. Withdrawn From Use

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